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We are thrilled that you are interested in getting involved and making a positive impact on the AAPI community. By volunteering with us, you can contribute to our mission of promoting mental wellness through the transformative power of the arts. Together, we can challenge the stigma surrounding mental health and create a supportive environment for those in need.

Workshops and Educational Programs

- Facilitate workshops on mental health and artistic expression to empower individuals.
- Assist in developing educational materials and resources on mental wellness for our website.
- Help organize and coordinate events focused on mental health awareness and self-care.

Outreach and Community Engagement

- Spread awareness about our organization and its mission through social media campaigns.
- Collaborate with local community centers, schools, and organizations to expand our reach.
- Engage in community events and initiatives to promote mental health and cultural understanding.

Fundraising & Grant Writing (Raising Funds to Sponsor AAPI Artists)

- Aid in fundraising efforts to support our programs and initiatives.
- Assist in writing grant proposals and researching funding opportunities.
- Organize and coordinate fundraising events to raise funds for our organization.

- We are committed to raising funds to sponsor AAPI artists so they can access the therapy they need.

Administration and Operations

- Provide administrative support by managing databases, organizing documents, and handling correspondence.
- Assist with volunteer coordination and recruitment efforts.
- Support day-to-day operational tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of our organization.

Get Involved

To get involved, please click on this link Volunteer Sign-Up  There, you'll find a volunteer application form that will help us understand your interests and skills. We will then connect with you to discuss potential volunteer opportunities and provide any necessary training.

Remember, every contribution, no matter how big or small, makes a significant impact. By volunteering with AAMI, you will be joining a community of passionate individuals dedicated to promoting mental wellness in the AAPI community.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with AAMI. Together, let's use the transformative power of the arts to create a world where mental health is prioritized and celebrated.


Small group of Asia multi religion male and female support friends hold hand each other lo

Join Us as a Volunteer and Make a Difference 

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